Ayush ministry approves sale of Patanjali’s Coronil as immunity booster

Ayush ministry allows sale of Patanjali's coronil medicine

Patanjali company recently launched a medicine Coronil and claimed that it will cure COVID-19. But, soon after that, the Indian Ayush Ministery stopped the sale and advertisement and there was a lot of discussion on this medicine. But finally, after a week of controversy, The Ayush Ministry has approved Patanjali’s Coronil to sell in the market. This medicine will finally be available in stores but only as an immunity booster.

It was started by Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurved that the Ayush Ministry has no restrictions on selling this medicine now. He also said that the recently launched medicine by the company was for Covid-19 but is now calling it a product to get rid of the disease by some means.

Amid this, the Union ministry today confirmed that Patanjali can sell the product only as an Immunity booster. In a statement by the Union Ministry is was stated, “Ayush Ministry has only given permission to sell this medicine as an immunity booster and not as a medicinal cure for Covid-19.”

On Tuesday, The MD of Patanjali Ayurved stated that they never claimed this medicine as a cure to COVID-19. This medicine was launched in a press conference held in Haridwar. In that press conference, Baba Ramdev claimed that this medicine is of great use and will cure the disease within a week.

“All the people can now try these medicine as it will now be available everywhere in the country from today,” Baba Ramdev said for Coronil and the two other products. This drug is made completely from Ayurved and has a license from the Uttarakhand government, where Patanjali headquarters is located.

This medicine was involved in a lot of controversy after Ramdev launched this medicine and claimed it could cure the disease and within 7 days. Then the Ayush ministry put a stop on the sale and advertisement and asked to submit all the documents related to this.


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