BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra donates blood plasma at hospital in Gurugram, Haryana

sambit patra donates blood plasma
sambit patra donates blood plasma in hospital in haryana

BJP National Spokesperson and surgeon Dr. Sambit Patra donated his plasma in a hospital in Gurgaon, Haryana. He donated his blood plasma in the morning today and also urged others to come forward and donate their plasma as it could save lives.

While talking to media Sambit Patra stated, “I donated blood plasma today, I was also infected with #COVID19. Prime Minister had given a clear message to all of us that we should serve people. I urge those who are fit and have recovered to donate plasma as it could save lives.”

Submit Patra was infected by COVID-10 in the last month and was admitted to the hospital for some days. After some days he tested negative and returned from the hospital.

Plasma therapy is proved to one of the best methods to get relief from this disease. Many people are coming forward to donate their blood plasma to other people. However, only people who have been cured of COVID-19 can donate their plasma.

A Plasma bank has been opened in Delhi where all these blood plasma is stored and can be used when needed. People can go and donate their plasma easily without any problem. However, there are some conditions for this donation.


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